Eating Our Way through Wall Street!

We thought it might be fun to lighten the mood this Friday and share with you some of the FTF crew’s favorite Wall Street eateries.  Food is a topic that regularly comes up in conversation at the office, so it is only natural that it has made its way to our blog! We plan to share everything from street vendors to bakeries to lunch spots.  So stay tuned!

Stop #1:  I want to take you today to The Wall Street Burger Shoppe on Water Street.  This is the first burger place of its kind in the Financial District and once you enter you will see why no other burger joint will compare.   The Burger Shoppe brings you back to the “old school” 1940’s, 1950’s burger shop charm now missing at many new eateries.   Everything from the tiling on the floors and walls to the antique register to the formica diner counter brings you back to the day when burger joints reigned.  But besides the décor, you will be hooked purely based on taste!  We here at FTF, like many other patrons, enjoy “The RealDeal” or “The Junior Deal” depending on how hungry we are that day.  “The Real Deal” features two Shoppe burgers (don’t worry they are smaller than your average burger), fries and a drink, while the junior deal offers the same, minus one burger. I personally suggest you try the sweet potatoes fries! Extra hungry?   Then treat yourself to a root beer float or shake too.

You can check out their full menu HERE and plan a visit to try anything from the Merger Burger to the Sub-Prime Meltdown or the Yankee Burger (which I personally refuse to eat as a true Red Sox fan… but regardless I’m sure it’s delicious).

Also, as a side note, be sure to check out the upstairs Bar Room.  Again, the upstairs is reminiscent of “Old school” NYC with its saloon style.   Be sure to grab a burger and check out their local beers on tap and extensive wine list.

Next time you are down on Wall Street, stop by The Wall Street Burger Shoppe for a burger combo you’ll be sure to remember.  Let us know when you are going because we will use every excuse to eat there!

P.S. They also deliver.

The Wall Street Burger Shoppe
30 Water Street (between Broad St. and Coenties Slip)
P:  212-425-1000
F:  212-425-1119

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