The Bull Run – and Maybe a Little Running of the Bull

Homework.  I haven’t heard that word – well, let’s just say, in a long time.  Despite that, however, the all too familiar feeling returned rather quickly – when the heck am I going to have time to do that?  So, here I am in London dashing between appointments with clients talking shop (in heels, no less), and looking at every Livery Hall in The City with my white Americano in one hand, my 14£ umbrella in the other and my pop-up map somewhere in between, and what I am I thinking about?  My homework.  It’s hard enough that I have to remember to look right when I cross the street, remember what tube station I have to find to get to my next meeting or find the nearest coffee joint to sit and get some work done.  Right now, I am sitting in Café Nero somewhere on Curzon Street listening to a rather animated European man complain about his marital problems to his friend at a decibel level that my grandmother can probably hear back in New Jersey.  I am trying with all my might not to turn to him and say, “At least you don’t have homework!”  That being said, welcome to my homework.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, my homework is writing our first blog post on “The Running of the Bull,” a place Where FinTech Talks.

Despite all the hours I’ve thought about what to blog about and taking my opening monologue as a bit of lighthearted fun, I am really excited about Financial Technologies Forum’s new endeavor, so welcome!  You may be thinking, “Please not another blog.” Don’t worry, we did too.  We are starting this blog, however, for a number of reasons. For one, and to be quite honest, everyone is doing it.  Although that’s not always the right reason to do something, in this case it is.  We have noticed that although there are a lot of great bloggers out there talking about industry issues in the financial services space, we have not come across one that combines what’s going on in the financial services AND technology space with a little financial conference and events talk in between.  Secondly, we spend a lot of time researching and talking to financial industry experts on a daily basis, whether it’s for planning and organizing one of our annual securities industry conferences on hedge funds or derivatives or reconciliations or for one of our webinars around hot button financial services issues or for a new securities industry training course offering or planning a user conference or breakfast briefing for our financial technology software clients.  We spend countless hours collecting a lot of valuable information and thought-provoking issues that we want to share with you, our readers.    Lastly, and most importantly to us, we want to hear from you, our clients, about what you expect from financial industry events, what topics you want to hear more about or less of, and what we do that you like and even don’t like.

Above all, we want this to be a forum, an outlet where we bring together thought leaders on Wall Street to discuss and debate about the constant changes and latest trends happening in our financial services and technology world – and I am sure you will agree it’s a small one.  Aside from blog entries by the Financial Technologies Forum team, every Wednesday you will be hearing from one of our guest bloggers, one of the many experts we work with in this space.  We invite you to comment and become part of our discussions.  We want to hear from you whether you agree or disagree with something we, or one of our contributors, write about or not. That being said, we welcome you again to The Bull Run where FinTech talks  – and sometimes where we may get carried away with a little running of the bull.

About Maureen Lowe

President and Founder of Financial Technologies Forum, LLC. Editor-In-Chief of FTF News. Entrepreneur, Jersey Girl that recently returned to Jersey, Loves to Bake, Married to a Kiwi, First Time Mom
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