Food Truck Friday with FTF

Earlier this week, the FTF gang decided that we needed a few moments away from our desks to reboot and recharge. We could think of no better way to do this then grabbing an afternoon snack from one of the best food trucks that roams Manhattan: The Waffle Truck.

Waffle Truck 001 resized 600For those of you who may be unaware of this delicious gem, let me enlighten you. The Waffle Truck is one of the many famous food trucks in NYC that serves up some of the best food this City has to offer and in this case it’s a variety of waffles that you can eat at any time of day (or until they run out!). Each day of the week you can find it parked in a different location around the city, and on Wednesdays it is parked just a few blocks from our offices at Hanover Square. You can order anything from a plain Brussels waffle, which is a traditional light and crispy confection, to a de verdekke, which is a wafel-ice-cream sandwich. You can also order a variety of toppings to add to your waffle creation including strawberries, whip cream, bananas, Nutella and their secret Spekuloos spread, to name a few.

Not only are the waffles delicious, but those who staff the truckWaffle Truck 003 resized 600 are absolutely delightful. The FTF gang had the pleasure of meeting Bert (you must roll the R when pronouncing this, as he polite fully informed us), who let us try a sampling of their famous homemade topping:-Spekuloos, a creamy spread that tastes somewhere in between a graham cracker and gingerbread cookie. When we asked him what it was, he told us, “It’s love and magic,” and boy was he right! This heavenly spread is definitely a must have when ordering your waffle. Two of us opted for the mini waffles with Spekuloos, while another one of us opted for the traditional Brussels waffle topped with Nutella, but really no matter what you order it is bound to be delicious!

To see if the Waffle Truck comes near your office and to view their menu in entirety, visit their site: follow them on Twitter @waffletruck to find out where they’ve parked for the day. You’ll be glad that you did!

About Maureen Lowe

President and Founder of Financial Technologies Forum, LLC. Editor-In-Chief of FTF News. Entrepreneur, Jersey Girl that recently returned to Jersey, Loves to Bake, Married to a Kiwi, First Time Mom
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