He’s Making a List and Checking it Twice …

So we thought we would help the big guy in the red suit out this year and give him a heads up on who has been naughty and nice this year on Wall Street. Now I’m sure we are leaving many off this list, so be sure to add anyone you feel should be recognized, good or bad!

So let’s start with who’s been nice this year…

* Warren Buffet
* Nicolas Berggruen (The Giving Pledge)
* Carl Icahn (The Giving Pledge)
* Michael and Lori Milken (The Giving Pledge)
* Ted Forstmann (The Giving Pledge)
* Charles Zegar and Merryl Snow Zegar (The Giving Pledge)
* Lee and Toby Cooperman (The Giving Pledge)
* Tom and Cindy Secunda (The Giving Pledge)
* Joe & Rika Mansueto (The Giving Pledge)
* FTF Team
* Hedge Fund Cares
* Gold
* “CW-2” (identified as Karl Motley – has made more than 60 calls to corporate managers in a bid to gather evidence for an insider trading probe)
* Wall Street (For working hard to rebuild trust with Main Street)
* Dow Jones (Ended 2009 at 10428.05, Down 120.46 – As of yesterday it closed at 11559.49, Up 26.33)

And now onto the naughty…

* Bernie Madoff (who will forever be on the naughty list)
* The European Debt Crisis
* Fat Finger (Flash Crash) Freddie
* U.S. Dollar
* Annette Bongiorno (An aide to financier Bernard Madoff)
* Joann Crupi (An aide to financier Bernard Madoff)
* Igor Poteroba (Insider Trading)
* Aleksey Koval (Insider Trading)
* Alexander Vorobiev (Insider Trading)
* Thomas P. Flanagan (Insider Trading)
* Patrick T. Flanagan (Insider Trading)
* Joseph Contorinis (Insider Trading)
* James Fleishman (Insider Trading)
* Tony Longoria (Insider Trading)
* Yonni Sebbag, a/k/a “Jonathan Cyrus (Insider Trading)
* Bonnie Hoxie (Insider Trading)
* David Zilkha (Insider Trading)

… Are you seeing a trend here? Maybe the big guy should check out the Fed’s case files before delivering his gifts this year.

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