Know Where You Work – Wall Street Edition

We thought it might be fun to explore some areas of this great city we work in – New York. So we thought we could investigate a few neighborhoods around the city and fill you in on some things you might be missing right outside your office door! To begin we are tackling Wall Street. Our offices are located right off of Wall Street so we frequently walk these streets. Over the years we have learned a few fun facts about the area, so we thought we could share them with you. Let us know if you have any other inside information on the neighborhood.

Fraunces Tavern– At the corner of Broad and Pearl Streets. Now a restaurant, this is the location where George Washington gave his farewell address to his officers in 1783. (Check out the small museum on the second floor of the building.)

Vietnam Veterans Memorial– Up a ways on Pearl Street at Coenties Slip you will find this memorial. The highlights of the memorial include a pulsating water element of polished granite and a 125-foot long “Walk of Honor.” The names of 1,741 New York City residents lost to the war are etched onto stainless steel plaques, or steles, affixed to a dozen granite pylons. A map of Southeast Asia, also fabricated in stainless steel, greets visitors at the beginning of the Walk. It sets the scene and offers the names of places in which American troops fought and died in Southeast Asia.

Stone Street– Most people who work downtown have grabbed some food or drinks on Stone Street. (If not you should try any or all of our favorites, which include Vintry, Harry’s Café, Financier and Ulysses Folk House) What visitors may not realize is that while here they are walking on the original cobblestones. In fact, this is the first paved street in New York.

 India House– If you have been to any of our past conferences then you most likely have visited The India House, as this is also the home of Bayards, our current venue for all of our NYC events. There is a lot of history dealing with this building (too much to write here for you all) so I suggest you check out their website to read all about it. But this is a great spot to check out as it is decorated with rare pictures of old ships, paintings from China, models of once mighty ships, all carefully preserved within its walls.

20 Exchange Place- This is where the fire of 1835 began. A fire that destroyed up to 700 buildings in two days!

Federal Hall National Museum– This structure replaced the original Federal Hall where George Washington was inaugurated as president in 1789.

Trinity Church and Graveyard– Another location with a lot of history. But just a few interesting facts we came across are that this is the only active cemetery remaining in the borough of Manhattan. Also, amongst others Alexander Hamilton, John Jacob Astor and John James Audubon are buried in the cemetery.

Museum of American Financial History– This is the nation’s only independent public museum dedicated to celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship and the democratic free market tradition which has made New York City the financial capital of the world. To check out current exhibits visit their website. To be honest, I do kind of want to visit their “Scandal!” exhibit.

So that’s what we have discovered so far in this area, but please let us know if we left anything out!

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