Post-Crisis Rebound & Hedge Fund Staffing

We’ve recently released the agenda for our upcoming 4th Annual Hedge Fund Operations & Technology Conference, which is scheduled to take place in NYC this April. One of the sessions added to the agenda this year is titled “Post-Crisis: Staffing your Hedge Fund Operations Team.” We felt this was an important topic to discuss because, let’s face it, the industry is now on the re-bound and we need to focus on the future, not the past. But with cuts made to operations personnel, infrastructure and technology over the past few years, coupled with a recent rise in investor and regulatory demands, how can your firm successfully re-build in 2011?

Add a tight budget into the mix and hedge fund firms are in for a challenge. This will include not only keeping a close eye on their staff and technology teams but examining how they can make the most of what they have by consolidating. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to also include a session at the conference that looks at this very topic. How can your firm consolidate roles without compromising operations? And, at the same time, not risk its operational integrity by cutting back too much!

Then, of course, this brings us right into another issue – outsourcing. When is it the right time to bring in a third party? Especially since outsourcing can lead to a reduced headcount and increased operational efficiency. But more of that at the conference, too!

Nevertheless, let me know what you think on this topic. What are your staffing concerns? Are there any other specific points you think we should have our panelists discuss at the conference? It’s not too late to update the agenda again!

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