Survey Results: What firms are doing (or not doing) about OTC Derivatives Valuations

During an FTF webinar last month sponsored by Open Link Financial (OpenLink), presenters Ken Knowles of OpenLink, Eric Gulbrandsen of Maven Wave Partners and Stephen Bruel of TowerGroup, conducted a series of polling questions to find out more about what’s on the minds of senior operations professionals of investment firms. Perspectives on OTC Derivatives Valuations Risks & Impacts was designed to discuss and help investment firms understand the challenges, risks and impacts of OTC derivatives valuations. With over 300 registered attendees, it seems valuations are on the forefront of the minds of investment firms worldwide. Here’s what the audience had to say:

The survey results seemed to be in line with what our presenters expected. “The survey responses are congruent with what we are seeing in the industry. Firms are trying to adapt their management of both vanilla and exotic derivatives products in a market that is becoming increasingly regulated and complex,” said Eric Gulbrandsen, Managing Director, Financial Services Practice, Maven Wave Partners.

Ken Knowles, EVP, Financial and Risk Solutions OpenLink, had this to say about the results, “These survey responses viewed together paint a picture of how firms must balance their appetite for more sophisticated and complex derivatives products, while managing the associated valuations and operational process challenges these trades present throughout the transaction lifecycle. Best practices for many firms will require a framework to manage multiple data sources for all aspects of their operations, trading and risk management, consolidated through a consistent enterprise technology vision.”

So, do you agree with our presenters and our audience? Please share your opinion about the results. To listen to the recording of this webinar, click here.

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One Response to Survey Results: What firms are doing (or not doing) about OTC Derivatives Valuations

  1. Firms should be doing more to hold on to their assets

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