Technology Update: Apple iPads to The Rescue

Looking for any last minute holiday gifts for your sales team this year? Well how about an Apple iPad?

I came across an article this morning on Wall Street & Technology’s website detailing how Anthony Mayo, CTO at Dreyfus, a BNY Mellon Asset Management company, initiated a roll out of iPads to his sales and marketing teams so they could lessen the paper load and create a more streamlined one-on-one interaction during client meetings. Mayo felt the iPad could provide his sales team with a tool that would create engaging conversation without all the clutter and paper pushing.

When first making a case to bring in the iPads for his team, Mayo looked at “usability, supportability and security”. All these areas were covered nicely by the iPad, and features such as 3G/Wi-Fi capabilities and a 10-hour battery were added bonuses.

Still being in the initial phase of rolling out this iPad initiative, Mayo has yet to see a measure of exactly how much its use is saving the firm in dollars, though they are seeing significant amounts of paper and time saved. Also, during the pilot period, 26% of the users said their “client engagements extended well beyond the 10-minute timeframe.” So that provides some additional hope for the iPad initiative, because longer communication could lead to better chances of closing a deal.

Plus, I’m sure that the Dreyfus sales team love having a new gadget to play with and are showing it off to their other friends in the sales space who are still seeing their chiropractors regularly to relieve their neck and back pain caused by lugging around all their laptops, newspapers, work files, presentation materials, reports, etc…

So, I know the iPad is already a huge hit and a tech geek’s best friend, but I’m thinking this piece of technology has new frontiers to conquer, and we will probably start seeing a lot more floating around the FinTech space in the months to come.

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