Wrap-Up of 2011 Financial Services and Technology Predictions

It seems we have been inundated recently with news stories and blogs on what’s to come in 2011. A number of individuals and companies are coming out with their predications and Top 10 lists for what to expect in the New Year. To make it a little easier and more manageable for everyone, we compiled the lists we’ve come across into once place so you can either check them all out now or at your leisure. So without further adieu…

Hedge Funds
Hedge Fund Industry Set to Surge in 2011

2011 The Year of the Smaller Hedge Fund
Looking Ahead to 2011: The Hedge Fund Industry Speaks (Part I)

Looking Ahead to 2011: The Hedge Fund Industry Speaks (Part II)

Looking Ahead to 2011: The Hedge Fund Industry Speaks (Part III)

Looking Ahead to 2011: The Hedge Fund Industry Speaks (Part IV)

Report Sees ‘Substantial’ Opportunities for Hedge Funds in 2011

Cloud Computing
8 Cloud Companies to Watch in 2011

Top Tips for Cloud Computing in 2011
Cloud Computing Wish List for 2011

Survey: Cloud Expansion Drives Need for Management in 2011

Research Challenges in Cloud Computing for 2011

11 Cloud Computing Predictions For 2011
IT Forecast 2011: Continued Clouds Ahead

Emerging Technology Adoption Trends for 2011

2011 Tech Priorities: Private Cloud Beckons

Ninety Cloud Computing Companies to Watch in 2011

Roundup of Cloud Computing Forecasts and Market Estimates, 2011

Cloud Computing Promises Hi-Tech Talk in 2011

Small Companies Look to Cloud for Savings in 2011

Top 5 Predictions on Cloud Computing for 2011

For Wall Street Firms, Cloud Computing to Gain Momentum in 2011

Research Report: 2011 Cloud Computing Predictions for Vendors and Solution Providers

2011 Cloud Computing Predictions for CIO’s and Business Technology Leaders

Market Structure & Financial Technology

5 Top Data Nightmares in 2011

CEP in 2011 and Beyond….

Top Priorities for Tech Spending in 2011

11 Market Structure Trends to Watch in 2011

Our Predictions for Financial Technology Recruitment in 2011

11 (Sets of) Predictions for 2011

Top 5 Nightmares in 2011

Just Added: 9 IT Priorities for 2011

Just Added: 2011 Hiring Trends for Wall Street

Financial Regulatory Reform

U.S. Financial Regulation: Three Things to Watch, and Two Not To, In 2011

FINRA to Step-Up Surveillance of Stock Exchanges in 2011

Where is Financial Regulation Headed in 2011?

Europe 2011 – Regulation, Consolidation and a New Dynamic

We here at FTF even took a shot at some predictions in some recent blog posts:

2011: Year of the Mobile Apps

Combining Forces across the Exchanges in 2011

2011 – Wanted: Growth, Innovation & Profit – Needed: Technology

Finally, to end on a positive note, check out this prediction for the overall economy in 2011:
Economists: 2011 Could Be the Year of Recovery

We’ll have to check back in a year’s time to see which predictions actually came true!

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