FTF Digg’s Social Media

Social media is an ever growing asset to the business world.  It has allowed companies to upgrade communications with clients, enhance marketing and advertising, as well as improve customer service.  In true FTF nature, we are relentlessly trying to stay ahead of the social media curve.   In our efforts to do so, we have established our presence on two more sites, giving you, our FTFNews followers, even more ways to be in touch and keep up with the latest.

Digg, one of the newest additions to the FTF social media spectrum, is a wonder when it comes to finding news!  It is a collaboration of all the top stories on an array of topics.  You can find all FTF blog posts, press releases and any additional news and conference updates on our Digg page.  And you can help spread the FTF word by “Digging” our posted news!   The more Digg’s we get the more circulation our news gets!  But don’t just use Digg to check out our news, create your own Digg account and profile, so FTF can follow you and allow us to keep up with all of your news updates.

While FTF was thrilled to discover this new media site, we didn’t stop there — StumbleUpon was next to be conquered.  It is one of the most entertaining and eclectic social media sites out there.  It is 100% personalized to your needs and interests, with over 100 topics to tailor your profile with.  Once you choose your topics you can begin “stumbling” onto millions of websites, news articles, etc.    So as you may have guessed, we now have our own profile on StumbleUpon where you can see what pages we’ve discovered and tagged as our favorites.  So be sure to check out our StumbleUpon page, and don’t forget to create your own profile!

Still, Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter are clearly blowing away the competition when it comes to the popularity of social media sites.   But FTF is keen on finding new, trendy and upcoming networks, so be sure to check out these sites for yourself and let us know if you think the competition has something to worry about!

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