Will Regulation Talk Ever Cease?

I don’t know about you but I have to admit, I’m getting a little tired of hearing the words Dodd-Frank. Every morning when I read the latest news there is inevitably a story regarding the newest regulations, and how they are going to save our financial system or make operations in the financial services world that much more difficult (depending on your news source). Not only is it usually the top news story of the morning but Dodd-Frank is all over social media sites as well. This morning when I signed onto twitter the first tweet on my homepage was about #DoddFrank and what is going to happen next. So I ask – Will regulation talk ever cease?

The answer to my question I realize is obvious: No. Even though I sometimes wish that I could take a mini-vacation from hearing the latest Dodd-Frank concerns I know that this will not happen until all of the rules have been established and implemented. Needless to say, this will not be happening anytime soon. Is it possible, though, that Dodd-Frank and other regulatory concerns are overshadowing improvements and innovation that are currently taking place in the financial services community? Below is a list of other newsworthy financial services and technology topics which may be getting overlooked:

  • Mobile Technology
    • Many companies are making great strides in mobile technology, especially when dealing with corporate actions. It is connecting back-office operations in a quicker and more efficient manner than before.
  • Reference Data
    • While we went through a reference data rise a few years ago, it is making a swift comeback this year. Reference Data will be making its way onto more than one upcoming conference agenda.
  • Clearing Houses
    • While they may be entering the spotlight due to potential Dodd-Frank rules, clearing houses have been taking on many new responsibilities and creating transparency all on their own.
  • Trading and Settlement
    • Could a T+2 trading cycle be in our future? Will the U.S. be following in Europe’s footsteps?

What topics do you think are being overlooked? To hear more about the topics above and, of course, Dodd-Frank as well, attend our 6th Annual Reconciliations & Exceptions Management Conference on October 5th in New York City and our 5th Annual Corporate Actions Processing Conference on October 19th in New York City.  And please feel free to peruse the agendas and let us know if we have overlooked anything!

About Maureen Lowe

President and Founder of Financial Technologies Forum, LLC. Editor-In-Chief of FTF News. Entrepreneur, Jersey Girl that recently returned to Jersey, Loves to Bake, Married to a Kiwi, First Time Mom
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One Response to Will Regulation Talk Ever Cease?

  1. I, along with others, have become increasingly disgusted with the way things have been managed. I have to wonder when our government is going to be held accountable for thier actions.

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