Upcoming Events Word Search!

FTF has three upcoming conferences here in New York-  Our 6th Annual Reconciliations & Exception Management Conference on Oct. 5th, our 5th Annual Corporate Actions Processing Conference on Oct. 19th, and our 6th Annual OTC Derivatives Operations & Processing Conference on Nov. 16th!  Be sure to check out these upcoming conferences on our events page, and register early to take advantage of our early-bird prices!

Here at FTF we enjoy a little fun on our Fridays, so take a few minutes out of your busy day and attempt our latest word search.  Try to find the names of some of the companies participating in our upcoming events…

Word Search Fun!!

H I M C O Q V K S D J  
Q F O Q S J I A T R R  
Q B P E T I W T E Z D  
C G A C A I O Z R G C  
J J E L T A L Y C R R  
B B A E E V T X I P E  
S O Q R S O E A R H D  
U M R X T P R L S F I  
N G C T R K S C I I T  
G E A Q E D K V S S S  
A O P E E Z L V P E U  
R I I C T V U E T R I  
D T T D Z J W V R V S  
U N A D B G E A J E S  
K M L A L K R E Z P E  

Find the Following:

eClerx          AQR Capital          Omgeo          Fiserv          HIMCO

State Street          Sterci          SunGard          Credit Suisse          Wolters Kluwer

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