Buy-Side’s Laying Low on Derivatives Reform… For Now

I just saw an interesting video on Tabb Forum about where the buy-side lies regarding derivatives reform.  Kevin McPartland from Tabb Group and Chad Wekelo from Actualize Consulting discuss this issue and comment that with the uncertainty surrounding Dodd-Frank and derivatives reform, not much is being done currently, outside of initial outreach, to industry vendors to gauge where new technology can fit within current platforms.

I guess with the overwhelming amount of talk about derivatives reform in the news, I assumed firms were more active in planning for changes that will take effect in the upcoming year.  (Though, it also makes perfect sense that there’s no use wasting time on plans that might not be useful in a few months time when reform is finalized.)

One interesting point that I did take from the video was when Chad Wekelo mentions that none of his clients are currently building in-house systems.  This is, of course, due to all the uncertainty, but I wonder if anyone will go the in-house route once that uncertainty is cleared up?  What are your thoughts?  Will firms be bringing in outside vendors or building in-house?

Check out the video here. (

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