Your City Guide Through Toronto

There’s a busy week ahead in Toronto for all those heading off to Sibos. With days filled with speaker sessions and meetings, it could get a little repetitive.  In order to throw in some fun with all the work, FTF has put together a city guide of Toronto, so whenever the time comes for a break, you know where to go!

Hockey Hall of Fame-   Originally established in 1943 in Kingston, Ontario the Hockey Hall of Fame was moved to Toronto, where it’s first permanent location was recognized in 1961. It is home to over fifteen exhibits with a vast collection of memorabilia, team and player records, as well as trophies, including the Stanley Cup.

Steam Whistle Brewery- Located in the John Street Roundhouse building, a National Historic Site, was previously the Canadian Pacific Railway repair facility.   Within the building they produce a pilsner lager that in 2004 was voted best beer in Toronto.  The brewery itself has also won several “Best Toronto Microbrewery” awards over the years. There are regular tours available for the public!

CN Tower– Located in downtown Toronto, the CN Tower was completed in 1976, standing 553.33 meters high.  It is the tallest free standing structure in the western hemisphere, and is an iconic symbol of Canada. In 1995, it was declared a modern Wonder of the World, and attracts over 2 million visitors annually.

Toronto Eaton Centre– This is Toronto’s number one tourist attraction.  Over 3 million people per week come from all over to enjoy five floors of shopping and dining.  It is the third largest mall in Canada, and is definitely worth a visit.

FTF doesn’t only want to help you break from Sibos, we want to help you keep up with Sibos, too!  Make sure you check out the twitter feed we have set up on ours news page, filtering all tweets with the #FTFSibos hash tag.  Also, keep an eye out for tweets by our editor, Eugene Grygo (@ugenegod), who will be tweeting live from Toronto.

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