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As all of our followers know, FTF likes to be on top of its game when it comes to social media.  We like to be in close contact with the people we work with, and make it as simple as possible for them to keep up with us.  Facebook and Twitter are the best ways to stay informed.  By following us on twitter (@FTFnews) it is easy to keep up with our daily news, blog posts, events, and anything else that may be going on.  Sorting topics that are interesting to you is no problem when using/following our many hash tags.  They include:

#FTFnews for any news articles, or updates on our site

#FTFevents for upcoming conferences

#FTFtraining for any upcoming or current training courses

#FTFRecs for our Annual Reconciliations and Exception Management Conference

#FTFCA for out Annual Corporate Actions Processing Conference

#FTFOTC for our Annual OTC Derivatives Operations & Processing Conference

#FTFMobile for our Mobile event

#FTFOpRisk for our Annual OpRisk Conference

#FTFPerfMeas for our Annual Performance Measurement Conference

#FTFcloud for our Cloud Computing on Wall Street event

#FTFfincrime for our Financial Crime & AML Compliance event

#FTFSecOps for our Securities Operations Seminar

#FTFHedgFund for our How to Launch a Hedge Fund Conference

#TheBullRun for our weekly blogging activity

#FTFSibos for all our Sibos coverage

#FTFfoodtruck for our fun Friday food truck reviews

Do you have any good hash tags to follow?

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  1. Thank you, I got some information about hash tag.

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