Beyond the FTF You Know

One of the many aspects of my job here at FTF that I really enjoy involves executing private events for our clients.  This could be anything from a breakfast briefing to a cocktail reception to a three-day client appreciation event.  It pretty much runs the gamut of events we could pull off for you, which is why I love this part of the job — it allows us to be creative and think of new and interesting ways to entertain!  We’ve done it all ­­ — wine tastings, golf outings, gala dinners – and we pride ourselves on our ability to come up with original and innovative ideas to catch the attention of your clients or thank them for a mutually prosperous year!

You might be wondering why I am telling you all this?  The simple answer is that no one really knows we can plan these types of events for them!  But it’s true; FTF has the ability to arrange any event (not just our conferences and trainings) for you and your clients.  We could even lend a hand when it comes to planning your holiday and internal employee appreciation events.

So let us know the next time you are looking to host an event.  I bet we could help you organize a fun, unique and exciting experience for you and your clients!

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