How to Launch a Hedge Fund … Did You Miss Out?

I am pleased to report that we received a ton of great feedback from our most recent How to Launch a Hedge Fund seminar in New York last week!  Subjects discussed ranged from the up-front decisions and vendors needed to start a fund to the major legal issues a start-up would face.  Sessions also got into other areas such as client service issues, marketing/sales, technology, operational issues and compliance.

Since not everyone was able to attend this event, I wanted to provide some quick highlights.  To start, it’s important to understand that risk management is constantly changing because many clients are switching to real-time data management and moving away from a T+1 model.  Also, as far as technology is concerned, it was suggested that firms have an on-premise technology solution that lets funds build and maintain its own communications room and host infrastructure on its own data center.  Finally, another important point discussed is that most institutions will not even consider investing in a fund without at least three years of managed business under their belt!

During the afternoon, the subject of cloud computing was introduced.  We discovered from Steven Schoener of Eze Castle Integration, that more and more start-ups are choosing to store data in the cloud. The cost of ownership, control, security and availability are all important considerations when start-ups are deciding whether to use the cloud.


So, if you missed the event this year, then be sure to look out for other upcoming seminars dealing with these issues on our website at  And finally, I would like to once again thank all our sponsors at this year’s How to Launch a Hedge Fund seminar including Eze Castle Integration, Cobb & Associates and Fund Associates.  See you all next time!

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