Fun Friday Food Review – Fraunces Tavern

So to keep up with our reviews of Wall Street food trucks and eateries, Caitlin and I decided to visit Fraunces Tavern a little while back.  If you work in downtown NYC, or have visited the area, then you likely have come across this establishment which is not only a tavern/bar scene but also a museum.  The museum, housed in a 1719 building, includes exhibitions of art and artifacts as they relate to the historic site, and to be specific, a site where George Washington bid farewell to his officers in the famous Long Room of 1783.

So as you can imagine, the history buff in me has been dying to pop into the museum and try the restaurant, but unfortunately, not everything went to plan that afternoon!  In fact, our lunch was a disaster!  The service was terribly slow, which I can often overlook, but not so much when all staff avoid your gaze and refuse to come to your table for any reason.  Also, I was a little put off when the table to our right found a hair in their food and the table to my left received the wrong order.  To say the least, we did not leave there with a good impression… and since the service was so slow I basically had to inhale my food and I never had the chance to check out the museum!  They may have just been having a bad day, but I think it will be a while before we head back to Fraunces Tavern.  Although, I do have to say, they did have a good beer selection so it would probably be a good spot for after-work drinks!

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