The Mandatory LEI – Countdown to Implementation

FTF will be hosting a complimentary webinar on March 28, 2012 at 11a.m. EDT on the upcoming LEI being mandated by Dodd-Frank….

The financial services industry has been looking to push for the use of Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) for some time. There has been resistance due to the inability to make a strong business case on the basis of process improvements.  This business case for implementing LEIs can no longer be disputed as Dodd-Frank now makes it mandatory for firms to integrate these identifiers into their current processes for standardized reporting and risk management. The clock is ticking to meet a July 16th deadline for implementing a new LEI framework, but this is proving difficult, especially since the new LEI framework has yet to be finalized by the Financial Stability Board (FSB).  To make matters even more interesting, recent findings of an FTF survey indicate that 43% of respondents don’t know how to define an LEI!

Therefore, join our webinar on March 28th to hear leading industry professionals, including the President of the EDM Council, discuss the basics of an LEI, focusing on the challenges firms face with the upcoming front-to-back integration and the opportunities LEIs can present to your firm.  Hear what firms are also doing to create more accurate risk management measures through this implementation process.  The discussion points will focus on:

What’s Going On

  • Putting LEI into overall context
  • Update on the global governance process (under direction of the Financial Stability Board)
  • LEI as part of the larger issue of identity management (underway throughout government)
  • Implications to CFTC final reporting rule

Why is this Important

  • Focus on the challenges firms face managing front-to-back integration (alignment, integration, mapping)
  • Focus on the opportunities this presents to firms
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Client servicing (client compliance, client risk analysis)
  • Process automation (operational efficiency)

What Should You Do

  • Hear what firms are doing (insights from our upcoming benchmarking report)
  • Hear what firms face with internal alignment (unraveling, mapping and reconnecting to a common identifier)
  • Hear what firms face verifying links, hierarchies and relationships
  • Timeframes, deadlines and deployment

Mike Atkin, Managing Director, EDM Council
Ludwig D’Angelo, Executive Director, JP Morgan

Register Here:

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