“Diamonds are a Queen’s Best Friend”

Marilyn Monroe said it best, “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend!” But to Queen Elizabeth II, The Diamond represents so much more.

Last weekend, Britain spent four days marking the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s reign. From street parties to parades, patriotic Brits honored the Queen with pride. Amongst all the extravagant festivities, The Diamond Jubilee River Pageant took our Red Carpet to another level. The royal barge carrying the Queen is the largest boat to ever float down the River Thames and was lined with a carpet of red grass.

As a British born/Texas raised/Manhattanite, it is hard to decipher where ‘home’ is. After watching the Jubilee Celebration from across the pond, I was left feeling a little homesick and not just because I was sitting at my desk on Monday morning. I had discovered a newfound appreciation for my British roots, and the fact they got two extra holidays! Six Centuries as the British Monarch is quite the accomplishment. Congratulations your Majesty, truly remarkable.

So if you want to honor the Brits without jumping on a plane, head over to the center of Manhattan’s very own Little Britain on Greenwich Avenue between 12th and 13th st., and treat yourself to a pint or a pimms. And while you indulge on Bangers and Mash or feast on Fish and chips, take a look at a few fun facts I bet you did not know about Queen Elizabeth II.

Did You Know:

  • The Queen has NEVER given an interview to a journalist. But just last week, Prince Harry and Prince William sat down with US journalist, Katie Couric.
  • The Queen has a member of staff with the same shoe size who is responsible for ‘wearing in’ one’s royal footwear. Given how much she gets around, she doesn’t have the luxury of getting blisters from new shoes.
  • The Queen has seen 12 different Prime Ministers during her reign – from Sir Winston Churchill through to the incumbent David Cameron
  • What gives the Queen the giggles? Ali G impressions, according to Prince William.
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