Olympics Update

So, we’re up to day 8 in the Olympics, and the US is going strong! Currently, the US is atop China with 37 overall medals, but both teams are tied with 18 gold medals. Even though some are predicting the fight for the gold will be tough, I have no doubt that the USA will triumph yet again!

Here are some fun facts and exciting highlights from the past week:

  • Our women’s gymnastics team claimed their first gold medal since 1996, and their second gold medal in history
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s (the creator of facebook) college roommate, Samyr Laine of Haiti, is participating in the Olympics as a triple jumper
  • USA’s Gabby Douglas won women’s all-around gymnastics gold at age 16
  • Kristen Armstrong took the gold in cycling
  • Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps won his 19th medal, setting and Olympic Record and making him the #1 winner of all Olympic medals
  • Our men’s basketball team beat Tunisai by 40 points in an unforgettable game
  • Kayla Harrison became the first American to earn an Olympic gold medal in judo

Here’s a chart of the 10 ten medal count so far:

Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 China 18 11 4 33
2 USA 18 9 10 37
3 Republic of Korea 7 2 5 14
4 France 6 4 6 16
5 Great Britain 5 6 4 15
6 Germany 4 8 5 17
7 Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 4 0 1 5
8 Russians Federation 3 5 8 16
9 Italy 3 5 2 10
10 Kazakhstan 3 0 0 3

To view the full updated medal count, click here: http://www.london2012.com/medals/medal-count/

Go team USA!!

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