Less Means More

Less Means More” three little words with a significant meaning. Unless you are talking about Regulation and Compliance, then “More Means More!”

After the crisis in 2008, the financial industry needed to make changes in the regulatory system. But with these changes came frustration and confusion. For those of you who get overwhelmed with the amount of regulations out there, let me introduce this handy dandy tool I came across. Alacra, a provider of business information-based solutions for financial and professional services, created an easy to read Periodic Table of Bank Regulation & Compliance that allows you to keep track of what regulation goes where and with whom, and the best part is you don’t need a “How To” manual to understand it. I support regulation, but I feel it is not always explained in a clear manner. This color-coded tool brings us one step closer to a better understanding of the global regulatory requirements. Nice work Alacra!

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