Team USA!!!

We are now in day 14 of the 2012 Summer Olympics and fans are on the edge of their seats as China and the United States play a game of tug a war for the most medals! Team USA takes the lead with 90 medals while China has 80! One thing is for sure, this neck and neck rivalry has made for an entertaining and unpredictable Olympic games.

I have always been a fan of this monumental event but these games in particular stand out from the rest. I am so impressed with the sportsmanship portrayed by the athletes, it has truly made this Olympics that much more pleasant to watch. Although they are competitors, they are constantly cheering each other on and congratulating the best man or woman.  Big thanks to all the Olympians for making the past two weeks so enjoyable! Go U S A!

Here is how the top 10 looks in the latest medal count:

Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
United   States  39 25 26 90
China  37 24 19 80
Russia  12 21 23 56
Great   Britain  25 15 14 54
Germany  10 16 11 37
Japan  5 14 14 33
Australia  7 13 10 30
France  8 9 12 29
South   Korea  12 7 6 25
Italy  7 6 6 19
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