How Should the NY State Government Spend its $5 Billion Surplus from Wall Street Fines?

We have the results to our most recent Finger on the Pulse poll. Our FTF News editor, Eugene Grygo, recently posted a Minding the Gap column Can Good Come from the Sins of Wall Street?, where he discussed the fines imposed upon Wall Street and insurance firms for their sins during the Great Recession. Due to these fines, the New York State government has a $5.1 billion surplus for fiscal year 2016. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other politicians in Albany are scrambling to sort out how to spend the windfall in the best way possible.

So we thought we would take it to our FTF News readers to see where they thought the money should go, and the result shows a solid standing, with 45% of the vote, for the surplus to be put towards improving the state’s rail service.  Do you agree?

surplus chart



With the recent winter storms in the Midwest and Northeast, we are now asking our readers to weigh-in on how firms manage these situations and what disaster recovery processes you have in place. Does your firm make you brave the ice and snow? Work from home? Snow day? Let us know at  We look forward to your feedback! (poll is on the bottom left side of our homepage)  

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