About Us

The Forum for Post-Trade Processing

Financial Technologies Forum (FTF) is the place to learn from, market to and interact with the people and companies that are driving the post-trade processing industry. As with all information-based industries, trade processing is in a state of rapid change. New regulations, market pressures, new types of securities — not to mention the accelerating changes in technology — have made it more and more difficult to keep current, much less get ahead of the curve.

FTF is committed to being a timely and reliable source for thought-leading opinions and insights, valuable news and effective training for everyone in post-execution operations.

For vendors to this industry, our forum provides an efficient, cost-effective platform from which to generate top-of-mind awareness via on-line advertising, sponsorships and many other kinds of marketing vehicles.

Come, be part of the FTF community.

To Be the Experts’ Expert

In an esoteric world like financial processing technology, we have only each other to turn to for answers, best practices and new insights. FTF is dedicated to being the prime facilitator, creating a community of both market participants and vendors. We encourage conversation, create connections, promote education and share insights, all in an effort to make everyone in post-trade processing the absolute best they can be.

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