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Can Good Come from the Sins of Wall Street?

January 20, 2015 by Eugene Grygo (Contribution from Minding the Gap, a blog by FTF News editor, Eugene Grygo.) Thanks to the fines imposed upon Wall Street and insurance firms for their sins during the Great Recession, the New York State … Continue reading

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Manage Risk, Comply with Regulations and Increase Alpha with an IBOR

Guest Contributor:  David Kubersky, President and Managing Director, SimCorp North America Fragmented position-keeping across the trade lifecycle presents significant risks to buy-side firms. As the SimCorp Journal paper, “The Investment Book of Record: One Version of Truth from Front- to … Continue reading

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The Volcker Day of Reckoning

Guest Contributor: Eiman Abdelmoneim, Director of Product Strategy & Operations, Sky Road “Your day of reckoning is coming, when an evil wind will blow through your little play world and wipe that smug smile off your face. And I’ll be … Continue reading

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Will the Futurization of Swaps Transform the Clearing Industry?

Guest Contributor: John Omahen, vice president of SunGard’s post trade derivatives solutions The dictionary defines the word “swap” as to change or interchange, to move, and even “to thrash,” a computer term meaning to move data into and out of … Continue reading

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The Rising Voice of Transparency and Control in Fund Operations

By John Herlihy and Geoff Hodge, Milestone Group Boards, auditors, management and shareholders have been making their voices heard: among the alphabet soup of new fund management regulations, transparency and control are the common themes. We are now indisputably at … Continue reading

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Areas of Focus for Private Equity Managers in 2013

Guest Contributor: Amelia Stoj, Vice President of HedgeOp Compliance, an IMS Group company As it is 2013, it is important for SEC registered private equity managers to focus on upcoming filing deadlines and on-going compliance issues for the year ahead.  … Continue reading

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“What Is” The Volcker Rule?

The controversial Volcker Rule prohibits banking entities from making risky, speculative investments with their own money. More specifically, the rule restricts banking institutions from engaging in propriety trading, such as investing or sponsoring funds in ways that do not directly … Continue reading

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