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Can Good Come from the Sins of Wall Street?

January 20, 2015 by Eugene Grygo (Contribution from Minding the Gap, a blog by FTF News editor, Eugene Grygo.) Thanks to the fines imposed upon Wall Street and insurance firms for their sins during the Great Recession, the New York State … Continue reading

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Tax Alert on Recently Announced Relief on Money Market Fund Floating NAV Wash Sale, Form 1099-B and Gain/Loss Calculations

Guest Contributor:  Stevie D. Conlon, Senior Director and Tax Counsel, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services The author thanks John Kareken and Anna Vayser of Wolters Kluwer Financial Services for their assistance. There were several important announcements made last month by the … Continue reading

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Whitepaper: What to do when (and before) SEC examiners arrive in your office

Are You Compliance-Ready? 12 Timely Takeaways for Preparing for the SEC’s 2013 Examination Priorities Click here to download Discover: – What the changing regulatory landscape means for you – What the SEC is focusing on in 2013 and beyond – … Continue reading

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SEC Socializes Public Disclosure

Guest Contributors: Eric Hazard and Jade Faugno, Intermarket Communications In the immortal words of Heraclitus, “change is the only constant,” and once again the financial services industry – and those who communicate about it – will find ourselves evolving with … Continue reading

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“What Is” Corporate Governance?

Corporate governance is defined as the framework of rules that provide direction for a company’s business functions. These guidelines helped executives, board members and other managers run a company in order to achieve its long-term goals and manage crises. Ultimately, … Continue reading

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“What is” a Hedge Fund

A hedge fund is a private partnership investment fund that uses complex investment strategies with the goal of maximizing returns on the funds’ underlying investments. Accredited investors run hedge funds and pool money in order to make risky, yet profitable … Continue reading

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“What Is” The Flash Crash?

The Flash Crash, which happened after 2:30 pm EST on May 6, 2010, was a sudden, massive drop and recovery in securities prices. During the crash, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by nearly 1,000 points and bounced back within … Continue reading

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